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Food and Beverage Applications

  • Purification and concentration of plant extracts
  • Fresh water recovery from industrial waste water
  • BOD/COD removal from waste water
  • Clarification of liquids (i.e. Fruit juices, Glucose syrups etc)
  • Separation/concentration of liquids
  • Recycling of CIP liquids
  • De-aeration of liquids (i.e. Removal of dissolved oxygen from water)
  • Recovery of by-products (Adding value to existing production)
  • Black/Green Tea clarification
  • Coffee Extract clarification
  • Beer/Wine De-alcoholization
  • Fresh water treatment

MEMCON (Pty) Ltd
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P.O. Box 3733, Florida, 1710, South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)11 534 3938/9
E-mail: info@memcon.co.za
Web: www.memcon.co.za

MEMCON is the Southern African Representative of:
Microdyn-Nadir GmbH (Germany) - Polymeric RO / NF/ UF / MF / MBR Membrane Modules
3M / Liqui-Cel (USA) - Membrane Contactors for Gas Transfer
Atech Innovations GmbH (Germany) - Ceramic Membrane Modules

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